AIFarm Designed to Improve Farming Year-Round

AiFarm is a cloud-based farm and commodity
management platform that helps growers change
the way the grow,buy, sell and store grain

About Us

AIFarm Ltd  is an urban agricultural research and development

company that supplies licenced technologies Global

It’s AIFarm ’s goal to pursue sustainabilty aspects in a commercially viable way.

AIFarm Ltd designs and builds the World’s best and most precition farm systems

for commercial growers, urban farmers, and people who like tastier, healthier food.

We provide high-tech
tools for precision agriculture

It is a tool with good potential for use primarily for field selection and monitoring of our producers through the NDVI images. There is possibility of integration this tool to create maps for use in precision agriculture and may transfer this information to the GPS and programs serving to locate the points of collection of soil samples.


Combine the data and analytics you need to succeed

Products Range


We are growing a multitude of different vegetables, fruits and grains

Harvest forecast


Our mapping tool combines the advantages of high-resolution aerial or satellite images with GIS orientation, providing mapping capabilities to the farm

Drone Measure


Using the Drone to Image stitching solution to map uniformed sections of farmland

Seasoned Team


Our experts spent last few years Crop scout and ground truth without leaving the field

Custom Solutions


Most farmers are operating at just 40% of their potential capacity access to information, farmers can now plan and harvest more effectively and gain access to market

Smart Logistics


With the AIFarm solution, each item can be traced from seed to consume avoid the lack of traceability and record

Blockchain System


 With the AIFarm BLokchain solution, each item can be traced from seed to consumer

Mobile Application


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their knowledge

Automated Yield Maps

We’re determined to keep up the quality of all of our farming products as high as possible

Retrofit Yield Monitor


AIFarm is a complete agronomy crop planning tool with a strong agronomy sales emphasis. Our planning tool builds fertilizer recommendations from your grower’s soil test data

Historical perspective


Minimize crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention.

Analyze  Production


Our experts spent last few years excelling their skills and expanding their knowledge

Our Services

Products & Services



Managing your farm starts with mapping your farm plots. You may have a digital file you can import, or you can draw the plots yourself on the reference map. which allows printing and viewing of field maps for custom application, crop planning, and in association with other tasks. Also, creating work zones has never been easier with our new mapping tool.

Farm Management


AIFarm has developed a comprehensive agronomy solution that has been unified into one system, Crop Planning, Scouting, Mapping, Compliance, Grower Access, and yes, Precision are all connected; providing continuity, accuracy, and driving efficiency. Additionally, our Off-line Sync allows you to continue serving your customers effectively, whether you are connected or not.

Blockchain Solution


Using the AIFarm Blockchain solution throughout the supply chain with the power of the Blockchain technology (DLT). This will provide many benefits for the farmers and suppliers including efficiency and traceability – two elements which are presently lacking and are creating serious issues in the ecosystem today. This will go a long way towards assuring food safety and security.

Yield Prediction


With up to 95% accurate yield predictions, AIFarm

provides your sales and purchasing teams with accurate supply forecasts to closely match demand dynamics. It maximizes farm output through optimal variety allocation, planting & harvest planning, inputs selection, and protocol enhancement.


Our Mission

Welcome our agriculture specialists




AiFarm helps you grow healthier, higher-quality crops. It continuously monitors, enforces and optimizes irrigation, pollination, phenology, fertilization, P&D, and agro-technical protocols. It helps your agronomists plan with more precision, and optimize their growing systems with confidence.

Drones Earth

Spot variations and problem areas with NDVI, VARI, and more. Minimize crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention. Crop scout and ground truth without leaving the field.

Yield Sense



We process raw satellite imagery to ensure it’s accurate and actionable before it gets to you. You’ll get dedicated support and access to our team of agronomists, PhDs and IT experts to help make sure the tool is performing as expected.